Our students from 1 and 2 ESO want to wish you some beautiful things for
- “I wish all the people would have a home”
- “I wish during this Christmas each pain would turn into happiness and
each tear into a smile.”
- “I wish all diseases would disappear”
- “I wish everyone would have a happy Christmas”
- “I wish all the wars would disappear off the face of the earth”
- “I wish no one in the world would get hungry”
- “I wish the good wishes would be fulfilled”
- “I wish people wouldn´t spend too much time on video games and
would help other people”
- “I wish during this Christmas all our dreams would come true”
- “I wish everyday would have something to fight for”
- “I wish everybody would have a reason to be happy”
- “I wish everyone would be good at Christmas”
- “I wish all the people would be more careful with nature”
- “I wish children who do not have gifts would have them this year”
- …
And our students from 3 and 4 ESO and 1 BACHILLERATO have written some
interesting Christmas quotes:
- “Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling”
- “The most important thing inside every gift you wrap is the love of that
special person who gives it to you”
- “Love the giver more than the gift”
- “Let this Christmas turn every wish in a flower, every pain in a star
and every tear in a smile”
- “There is nothing sadder in this world than to awake in Christmas
morning and not to be a child.”
- “Let the magic of Christmas bring love to you”
- “Christmas, my child, is love in action”
- “A moment to celebrate this festive season all around the world.
Merry Christmas to ALL!!!”
- “Thanks Santa for bringing Christmas back. Not the presents or huge
dinners, the most important part: be with the ones you truly love.”
- “I do not want anything more than the best for you”
- “He who doesn’t have Christmas in his heart, will never find it under a
- …

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