Last Tuesday, Luke, from Liverpool, visited us again and shared many interesting things about UK with us, 1st and 2nd Bachillerato students.

They explained us that there are some differences between British citizens and those ones belonging to the rest of Europe. For example, they don´t have the euro, they have the pound. They drive on the left and so the steering wheel on their cars is placed on the right. They say they drive on the left because of an animal, a horse. Many years ago, they rode their horses on the left because, in this way, it was easier to defend themselves from the enemies they met on their way. They held their sword on their right hand and used it more easily if they met the enemy on their right, so they rode on the left.

He also told us some things about Scotland and Scottish people. Everybody knows that they wear a kind of skirt, called a kilt. Kilts, not skirts, are made of tartan and this represents the colours of each family. Did you know that under the kilt they wear... nothing? Scottish have got the same cultural musical instrument as us, Galician people: the bagpipe.

The United Kingdom is divided into four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In England, 98% of the population use English as their own language. In Scotland, only 1,2% speak Scottish, the rest prefer using English. Something similar takes place in Ireland, only 3% of the population use Irish as their habitual language. Only in Wales we can find a different situation: 21,7% use Welsh in their daily life.

The London underground is also called ?The tube? because the stations are very old designed and they have got the form of a tube. Millions of people use the tube everyday. The tube map is very popular among the tourists. Nobody knows why, but they really love it. They buy a lot of souvenirs : t-shirts, mugs, posters, ? with the tube map on them.

Three million people use the tube everyday so it is necesary to have a Lost Property Office. Here, we can find millions of objects that people lose everyday: mobile phones, wallets, car keys, ? but also very strange objects like: false teeth or, even, twenty years ago, ? A COFFIN!!!

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