On October, the 14th , Tammy, a girl from USA, came to our school to tell us (the students in 1, 2, 3 and 4 ESO) a lot of interesting things about her country. Some students are going to make a summary about what they learnt in this lecture.
“A girl from USA called Tammy came to school to talk about Halloween and Halloween related topics. We also learn pronunciation, grammar, literature, books and famous monsters’ stories, in a very funny way. Later, she asked us some questions about what she had said, giving us four possible solutions. Then, she organised a TV-like contest and if you answered correctly, you got a pen. Some questions were about literature and others about famous monsters like Frankenstein and Dracula. I think the information and facts were very interesting and presented in a light way, easy to understand.” (Sofía Guerreiro)
“The first thing that she did was to give us information about some writers, the characteristics of their books and their countries. For example, Arthur Conan Doyle and his SHERLOCK HOLMES, Kipling and his THE JUNGLE BOOK, Tolkien and his LORD OF THE RINGS, J.K. Rowling and her HARRY POTTER, Stocker and his DRACULA, Lewis Carroll and his ALICE IN WONDERLAND, … It was an interesting and funny talking. I liked it. “ (Hugo Fernández)
“Tammy also told us about the disguises that are typical in Halloween, which is a very important party in her country. In my opinion, this talking has been very interesting and entertaining since I have learnt a lot of new words and a lot of things about some books, their authors and main characters that I did not know and that are really interesting” (Andrea Romero)
“Yesterday, a woman from USA, called Tammy, came to our school. She came here to tell us some things related to Halloween. She is from New York so this festival is very important for her. She asked us some questions about Halloween and talked about horror books and movies, like DRACULA or FRANKENSTEIN. She also talked about things they do in her country to celebrate Halloween.” (Sofía Rita Rodríguez)

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